New York City KoD signing, 11 October 2005 - report by NaClH2OEdit

originally posted at Wotmania

A tale of two signings: part one
NaClH2O - 10/11/2005 11:44:55 PM

OK folks, here's my report on the NYC area signings. I was planning on only going to the City signing, but I got so little info there I decided to schlepp out to Huntington for the 8:00 signing as well.

First the NYC signing.

First of all it was ONLY a signing. No talk. No Q&A. No nothing. We were told to prepare our books, RJ was only going to sign 2 Hardcovers, only in a particular spot. Period the end. The line snaked around the shelves, and I didn't get to hear any of the questions others asked.

Deadsy had sent me a QotW that she had asked, the one about the configuration of the roof of the White Tower. The B&N (or Tor I'm not sure which) clone said that it was against the rules to have this signed. I protested a bit and she called in a higher level clone. RJ was listening to all this and said "it's OK I'd be happy to sign it. I'll sign anything as long as it's not certain male body parts." So I got it signed. And gave him the CD Deadsy had sent as well. He mentioned that bribes did not work and Deadsy would still not know the answer to "Boxers or Briefs". He seemed to be in a very jocular mood.

As he was signing I asked "Who arranged for the stabbing of Demira Sedai?" I got an Rafo. He started to say something, and then said "no I better's a Rafo." I was then hustled out of the way by another B&N/Tor clone. End of NYC signing. One question asked one rafo gotten. I felt kinda cheated.

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