New York City KoD signing, 11 October 2005 - report by pary...@gmail.comEdit

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Just a very brief update on some of the questions asked during RJ's signing in Midtown. Not very many questions were asked, surprisingly. And he was packing to leave at about 1:50pm [for a signing that began at 12:30pm].

Perhaps the most startling revelation was that he has been in talks about doing "2 or 3" extra WOT books beyond the final installment and the prequels. They would focus on subsidiary characters we have encountered.

He reaffirmed that the next book would be the final installment of the main series, followed by the prequels, in that order. Reiterated that if it takes 2000 pages, than so be it, and he really will fight with Tor to not divide it like the Martin's FoC.

Someone asked if someone who was stilled can use a Well.

Did Be'lal's name mean "Netweaver" or "Envious"?

He noted that all of the Forsaken's Old Tongue adopted names would be translated in the Encyclopedia if not before.

re: PoD, Graendal would have to be using her [[angreal]] in order for another female to notice the difference in her strength. Just wearing it does not change how others would perceive her strength.

re: bulk "strength" in the power, RJ reiterated that men were stronger than women by a couple of levels, including Lanfear [whom he reiterated was a woman after all]; but then he also reminded us that that did not take into account the dexterity factor. [which segued to]

re: Lanfear and Rand at the docks. She was just toying with him using her angreal, [while he used the little fat man]. They were pretty well matched. BUT, questioned whether Rand's estimation that he could end it if he wanted to, RJ said, yes. But of course, Rand couldn't.

RJ has not officially named the "narrow gap between dream and reality" that Egwene describes while Dreaming.

He announced very loudly to the entire floor that the last book would be out very soon after he had finished writing it.

He again confirmed that the facts are there by the end of Book FIVE re: Asmo. Went on to say that some people have correctly figured it out, but he won't acknowledge that they're correct.

Someone asked him advice for newly-wed to which he responded make her laugh and she'll forgive you lots, dance with her and she'll forgive you even more. Dance well with her and she'll forgive you anything.

He admits that he had had carpal tunnel, and went into how he fixed that.

Anyone else there probably overheard a few other questions, but those were the ones I heard from him or asked myself.

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