New York City KoD signing, 11 October 2005 - report by yhoodersEdit

posted at rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan

I went to the kickoff booksigning at Barnes & Noble in NYC today. It was different than last time. There wasn't a large open area, so the line wound around the bookshelves. You weren't able to see RJ until you were actually getting your books signed. The guy in front of me asked about what accents do the seanchan have, and RJ answered that the Seanchan have a southern accent, while the Illianers sound Dutch. He also mentioned that the Tairens have a spanish accent.

So I asked "Is that the Creator speaking at the end of the Eye of the World?" to which RJ answered - "Read and Find Out." I said oh that's a RAFO? Harriet was laughing. Then I asked what would happen if Suian was re-severed and healed by a man, and he answered, Read and Find out.

Oh Well.

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