New York October 20 Hawkwing (Dennis/higbee)

I was at the Robert Jordan signing today at Forbidden Planet on 12th and Broadway in lower Manhattan, NYC. I'm not going to set the scene, except tp say that the line wasn't too long, and it moved well. I found him and his wife (who was also present) to be a charming and personavle couple. They went out of their way to by nice and paitiently answered all my questions. None of them were really of any significance, but he did identify me as a net- denizen from the question "Is Bela ta'veran? (Yes, I know it's been done, but I could not help myself.) He also asked me to mention that he would neither confirm or deny the speculation that Bela, in fact killed Asmodean. I replied that I had my own theory; it was Mandarb. His wife chuckled. It was a very pleasant afternoon, and I consider it time well spent, and an honor to meet an author who treats his fans like friends.

Hawkwing (Dennis)

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