The Path of Daggers Book Tour

Report from Rachel K. Warren - Northern Virginia (Bailey's Crossroads), 21 November 1998

Because I didn't bring my list of questions and I was really nervous, I asked the only question I could think of offhand: Would Birgitte know English? Jordan said something to the fact that she would if she remembered it. I guess Birgitte is a really old soul. :-)

I also found it amusing that they gave out flyers describing RAFO. I still have it. :)

A lot of people I talked to in line had never read the FAQ, nor the newsgroup. I found that amazing.

Another thing I found amusing was that a woman behind me talked about how she lives where RJ originates (Charleston?). He supposedly takes his bicycle around town, waving at people and ringing the bell on his bike.

A bunch of us in line also debated whether Rand was nuts. Most of the females said he was nuts [including me] and most of the guys said he was paranoid with good reason -- "Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after me."

Another amusing remark when someone said something to the fact that RJ was dragging the books out and that he could easily end the books by Rand picking up most of the important main characters (Nyn, Egwene, Mat, etc), pick up the big ass sa'angreal, then go to Shayol Ghoul(sp) and beat the crap out of the Dark One. The most amusing part was when the person said that the creator (or Rand, can't remember which) would smack Mat and Nynaeve in the process for being such annoying characters. (Before the Nyn Defense league tries to hurt me with the tugging braid, I'm just the messenger, don't hurt me :-)

I had a lot of fun, especially since it was my first signing for any author. Next time I'll get there a lot earlier and come prepared with my questions, so I can give them out to the other people I talk to in line. ;-)


Rachel K. Warren

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