Pasadena, CA KoD signing, 31 October 2005 - report by UrsulaEdit

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I attended the book signing in Pasadena, also. It was Halloween, so I’m the one who was in the long Turkish coats and gold cap.

A man asked if the Dark One can resurrect anyone after death? RJ answered that, yes, the Dark One can resurrect any soul, but probably doesn’t want to bring back someone who hates him. Another man asked about Siuan’s Talent of seeing ta’everen. Was she able to see them after she was stilled? No. Could she see them after she was healed? Yes. So, if the ability to see them was based on the Power, what about the Ogier Elder who knew Rand was ta’everen? For Siuan, yes, for the Ogier, no. The Ogier was able to see ( or feel, I can’t remember which RJ said) the Pattern shifting around Rand. And another asked the usual question about his writing day, to which he gave the usual answer.

Another man asked if Cyndane is actually Lanfear, even though she denies it? And RJ laughed, and said RAFO. Then RJ explained that all the men in his family are strong because the women kill and eat the weak ones, and he wanted questions from women. I’m sorry, but I faded out at that point and don’t remember those questions.

When I got to the table to get my books signed, I asked my question. Why is there no religion? RJ answered that most religion is people meeting to affirm their own impressions and reassure each other. In a world where the miraculous happens every day, religion is not really needed. And there is no Book. And I said, so you didn’t write any, and RJ said Yes.

It was great, and I really appreciate the chance to talk to Mr. Jordan, even for a moment.


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