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Report from Melinda Yin - Philadelphia (King of Prussia), 18 November 1998

I was at the signing at King of Prussia last night, and asked a question about Randland life that has been bugging me for a while - do Aes Sedai ever have children, and why/why not?

I was impressed with Jordan's casual reply, as if this were common knowledge - that all Aes Sedai, and for that matter, most women have knowledge of a special herb that serves as an incredibly efficient contraceptive. This herb is just general women's lore, passed to women by Wisdoms and such.

He followed up with two other points : 1) Aes Sedai are personally discouraged from having children because they know they will outlive them and 2) it's clearly not a popular idea because the White Ajah had suggested having children with men who can channel in order to undo "culling", but this suggestion was not particularly well received.

Oh, and he made some comments about how warders of the BA might sometimes meet with "accidents" so the BA can remain secret. Alternatively, BA might intentionally bond Darkfriends.

Link to signing report:

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