Richmond signing 27 November - report by John NowackiEdit

Regarding this evening's signing at Tower Books in Richmond:

The crowd was not very large, perhaps 50-75 people. RJ showed up right at seven, and tried to head off some of the more common questions--he pronounced several names, made the usual remarks about knowing the last scene for the past fifteen years, said that even the most cursory reading ought to indicate who killed Asmodean (and that he enjoys people trying to figure it out), and that there will be at least three more books. He also said it would be fine for people to take pictures, but that "no male nudity" would be permitted. He said something to that effect at the DC signing two years ago, as well . . . a matter of great concern, apparently.

I haven't had a chance to review other posts--especially relating to other signings--over the past few days, so some of this may be old news already. He said "Sammael is dead" and "Sammael is toast." He confirmed that the Crystal Throne is a ter'angreal (as the Big Book of Bad Art says), but that it does not require channelling. He explained the Far Madding channelling detector (I think that's already been discussed here), and gave an RAFO when asked whether the DO reincarnated people in the War of Power.

He was in a pretty good mood, and joked a bit about the rumors of health problems--he told a story about a couple of Hell's Angels at a signing who said they'd desecrate his grave if he died before finishing the series.

Since I had to drive back to Fairfax, I left at 7:30 and didn't catch any more answers. I did talk to a few people there, but only one of them was familiar with this group.

That's it.

John A. Nowacki

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