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I'm not sure if you've all seen these or not, but I thought I'd post them. I've been hanging onto them for a while, waiting for a good time for it on the blog, and finally realized I just needed to get them up.

Back in April, the Citadel (where Mr. Jordan attended college) put up a permanent display about him and his writing in their library. It was a wonderful gesture, and the display is very nice. I flew out for the event, as did David Drake, and joined a very knowledgeable professor in a short panel on what Robert Jordan's writing had meant to the world and to us personally. Mr. Jordan's assistant sent me these photos of the event.


Harriet and myself right before the event. Note the styling Asha'man dragon pins we're both wearing, sold by our friends at Badali.

[2] [3]

Shots of the display case itself. There's a copy of a Heron marked sword in there, I believe. ;)


The panel, moderated by Harriet, with Dave Drake on the end, then me, then Michael, the local literature professor who knew a TON about the fantasy genre and Mr. Jordan's work.

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