SFX Magazine Interview 1997Edit

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Right then, this is my first mailing so God have mercy on my soul if I write something offensive, stupid, boring or grammatically incorrect...

Anyway, a British SF magazine (SFX) had an interview with RJ a few months back, circa Feb or Mar I think. In the interview he said a few things which I haven't read in the FAQ or the newsgroup:

Firstly, in the event of his death his will states that his notes on TWoT are to be destroyed and no-one is to complete the series for him.

Secondly, The Final Battle (Tarmon Gai-don or however it's spelled) has already started but only now (book 7) are the characters beginning to realise this.

Thirdly, in defeating the DO, the good guys can expect absolutely no help off the creator, and no miracles will occur.

So when did the Final Battle begin then, book 1 chp1 or later, or earlier?

URL for report:

Note: The only surviving online bit of this interview seems to be that posted above. There seems to be a discrepancy in the date of publication, because while the information posted above suggests the interview was from early 1997, reference 3 of the Wikipedia entry for The Wheel of Time indicates that it was from SFX Magazine #16, September 1996.

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