San Francisco, CA KoD signing 26 October 2005 - report by NikkiEdit

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I just returned from Robert Jordan’s book signing in San Francisco, CA. It was fabulous. I admit that I have heard some nasty things about RJ, but he was quite amiable. He gave a little introduction complete with a few pronunciations and questions not to ask him (Who killed Asmodean?) as per usual from what I had previously heard. Most of the questions asked were similar to those answered in his blog here, which RJ did mention to the crowd. The crowd for the signing was not at all as large as I had anticipated, for being in San Francisco. RJ signed two books per time in line, and was glad to take pictures with fans (unfortunately I have to wait to develop my film). Also, he did sign the large size paperbacks! He did not sign comic books, though I had mostly expected that. I only had to wait in line twice for six books since two friends went with me and they stood in line with me to have my other books signed. Overall I had a wonderful first experience meeting Robert Jordan.

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