San Francisco, CA KoD signing, 26 October 2005 - report by TremulEdit

posted on Theoryland message boards

Literally just got back from the signing. I pulled an all nighter to get to the signing from Seattle so I'm a bit jittery right now. Appologies in advance from ramblings that are to follow.

He started off the QA session with a couple of his own:

Question From RJ: The second person is going to lean over and ask "When is the next book coming out?"
Answer: 100% postively, guaranteed, no reservations, it will be out very very shortly ... after I finish writing it.

Question 2 From RJ: The next person in line is going to ask me who killed Asmo.
Answer: I'm going to reach over the table and pop him in the face!!! Someone has figured it out and posted his theory onto the web. The theory is based on his deductions, not his guesses (slightly paraphrased).

Question 3 From RJ: The next person in line is going to ask how many more books are left.
Answer: Can we all say it together? One more book. I don't care if it has to be 2000 pages and you have to wheel it out the door. One more book.

Now onto the crowd. Most of the questions were related to his inspiration, life and such. Most had been asked before so I'll just concentrate on the ones asked that concerned the book.

Question: Is the rest of the world (non main continent) aware that the last battle is at hand?
Answer: Depends on who you ask in each of the lands. Each land has it own prophecies and beliefs. As to what those beliefs are ... RAFO

Question (From Me): Do Min and the *Finn do the same thing when predicting and answering questions?
Answer: No

Question: Why don't the Gardeners have the longing?
Answer: That's simple. There are a lot more Stedding on the Seanchan continent and as a result they were not missed during the breaking so they don't have the longing.

I'm still in San Fran and I forgot my Digital Camera link so I will post pictures from the signing as soon as I get home (Saturday). This was my first signing and it was so good I'm trying to figure out how to make it to the moon bay signing tomorrow. Here's to hoping.


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