San Jose, CA KoD signing, 28 October 2005 - report by FrenzyEdit

posted at Theoryland message boards

Don't ask. i have weird friends.

Here are a few pictures from the signing. JWB got there early, so we got primo spots in line. We were singing along a bit when Jordan was reiterating some of the pronounciations and announcements he's said at other signings (and have been reported here and elsewhere). He looked at us and said (paraphrase) "some of you have seen the websites."

Jason from Dragonmount was there, cool to meet him. He's gonna ask Jordan a question i didn't get to ask, i'll let you know how it goes. But what i DID get to ask, was this: Can a person who hasn't actively channeled yet be severed or stilled? Jordan's response (paraphrased) "No, you have to have something to take away something, so a person has to have an active connection to the Source to be able to have it cut."

Oh, the mayhem i can have with this little nugget.

small: This explains why the Reds haven't summarily tried to gentle every boy at birth or every man by 30.

big: If it takes an active link to the Source to Slow, or to be Stilled, then what about all those other attributes that Sul'dam gain with use of the a'dam? Where do they come from? How did they get there?

bigger: Is it possible that those attributes are NOT directly linked to the Source? Could it be merely the exposure to the One Power that gives sul'dam that ability? What about a Warder? Could a same-sex non-channeling warder develop those attributes over time?

i need sleep now, i'll ponder this more later.

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