Lord of Chaos signing tour, Santa Monica 28 October - report by Julie Kangas

Here's my snippet from the Santa Monica signing...

While inching down the 405 to Santa Monica, I passed a car with the licensce plate MRDRAGN. The driver was short with dark hair, so I <snort>ed and thought 'Just another *false* dragon.'

I arrived early and was number 3 in line. I spent about an hour chatting with Robert Jordan before the signing.

Ok, ok, he was just some guy with the same name :) I told him he should get access to this group so he could yank everyone's chains. It was funny to watch him get a book signed 'to Robert Jordan from Robert Jordan.'

The real Robert Jordan was late arriving (he had an earlier signing and then an interview) and asked for a three book limit. I had six books so got to talk to him twice.

He looked kind of tired and seemed to be in a hurry to get to everyone. Most of my questions got a 'read and find out.' He said he had read the 'Is Bela a Darkfriend' thread from this group. He shook his head in a bemused manner as he said this.

I asked him if he based any of the male characters on himself. He answered 'Of course not. All of them are flawed.


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