Lord of Chaos signing tour, Santa Monica 28 October 1994 - report by Justin Howell

I received a few tidbits of wisdom from the Creator at the signing.

Where did Artur Hawkwing start out? (IIRC, John Novak suggested this question in a post after the Chicago signing).

Answer: None, but he said that one could figure it out given a careful reading of the books. Sounds like Tear to me (as Mr. Novak predicted).

When I asked about the hemisphere of the Seanchan continent, RJ said that it had parts in both the northern and southern hemispheres, but that Rand and Aviendha Travelled to a part in the southern hemisphere.

Tiny spoilers follow.

This should be enough space.

RJ said that there is no connection whatsoever between the Gholam (Aginor's monster), and the Gho'hlem (a tribe of Trollocs).

He also refused to state Beldeine's ajah, saying something to the effect of "Wait and find out. It's not really very important, anyway."

That's all for my report.

Justin Howell

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