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Source:Seattle WH signing, 12 November 2000 - report by Ha T. Nguyen

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Seattle signing 12 November - report by Ha T. NguyenEdit

Well, I saw RJ in Seattle on Sunday and he was nice and answered my questions. Also, he personalized books if you went twice around the line. Which I did.

I asked who killed Asmodean, the Hot New Choice (HNC) or Graendal. RJ said that one day he might answer this question, but, if people would just analyze where everyone was at the time, it could be figured out. So, I'm thinking, Graendal, since she is the only one who had a timeline that could be figured out.

Currently, that is. Unless, someone comes up with one for the HNC.

He is currently writing the next book so, maybe, maybe, next year?

Unfortunately, I couldn't think of any more questions.


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