The Gathering Storm Book Tour, Atlanta, GA, 13 November 2009Edit

Report by YellowbeardEdit

Atlanta Signing

I went to one of the two Atlanta area signings yesterday. It was the evening one.

Got there an hour and a half late. Had to get home from work, take care of man/daddy duties (have a stressed out woman and 3 kids at home), do dinner, etc.

Got there just as they were starting to sign books. Waited for about an hour to get mine signed.

BS wrote "Peace favor your sword" and signed over his name.

Harriet wrote "Best, Harriest McDougal".

Unfortunately I missed the reading/talking/Q&A session. I did get to ask a question Terez put me up to. His answer was no, Heros of the Horn are not always tavern at all in their lifetimes when spun out. Sometimes, they even live normal lives and don't do anything extraordinary, like they sometimes spend their lives as farmers, etc.

Harriet liked the Monty Python Black Knight t-shirt I wore. "just a flesh wound"

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