The Gathering Storm Book Tour, San Jose, CA 21 November 2009Edit

Report by FrenzyEdit

Booksigning was awesome. I have notes, from both the signing and the dinner, but will transcribe them tomorrow. I've been up WAAAY too long to be coherent. Quick highlights:

Jason Wolfbrother and 4Alethinos were both there and both got RAFO cards.

Brandon wrote down Asmo's killer's name lightly in Korean, then heavily scribbled the hell out of it & gave it to one of the storm leaders.

Tamyrlin & Brandon wiped the floor with Jason and I at M:tG.

Tamyrlin drove Brandon all over today, and had plenty of "grilling" time.

Brandon signed my book "Would you be nae'blis" and Harriet signed it "For the cookie queen" (i made them both giant Aes Sedai-symbol cookies). Squee!!

Biggest story-related bombshell (imho): don't assume Rand and Moridin are linked.

More tomorrow. Including the results of the grilled cheese explanation.

URL for report:

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