The Gathering Storm Book Tour, Sandy, UT 5 December 2009

Report by kavorka

FYI -- Was at the event in Sandy tonight. There wasn't an official Q&A session, but a number of people stayed and asked questions as time permitted. Only a couple of pertinent points.

1. Verin. He said the notes on her are quite extensive. Lots of her backstory is there. He said he felt like what wasn't revealed in the books would be a good candidate for the encyclopedia.

2. Trollocs. Question was how many trollocs did the Dark One have access to. He stated definitively that there are lots and lots of trollocs. The Dark One has access to either "orders of magnitudes more" or "an order of magnitude" more trollocs that can be supported in the blights (I can't remember whether there was an "s" there. Sorry). He wouldn't comment on how or where, but was very clear that there was going to be a big big trolloc army.

3. Ability to Channel/Souls. I think this has all been reported, but he stated definitively that the ability to channel is tied to soul. He stated definitively that the spark was not tied to the soul but could be affected by a specific body (ie, just because you had the spark in one life, you could be reborn and just have the ability to learn.) He stated with 85% probability that strength in the power was not tied to soul, meaning that if you were an uber channel in one body, you could be weak in the power in your next body.

Also, for any Alcatraz readers, he stated that in book four, one of the powers would be a person who was bad in Math (his example was that if you asked this person to tell you what 5 gold coins + 2 gold coins equalled was holding the gold coins, and the person (I can't remember if he said he or she) answered 17, that 17 gold coins would appear....

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