Toronto CoT signing 27 January 2003 - report by Réal Heppelle

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I just came back from the Toronto signing. All the details from the other book signings are the same except that there was no Q & A from the crowd. We were told he would take questions but he arrived 15 minutes late. He added that there would be a "hook" at the end of the series (which he had planned since 1984). This hook would lead readers to believe that there would be a sequel after WOT. However, he was quite clear that that would not happen. He stated that he hated getting to theend of a good book only to discover that everything comes to an end. He wanted to leave the end open so that there would be more "juice" left in his characters. He said that all major and minor plot lines would come to an end, but his characters' lives will continue.

When I approached the table, he was very patient and polite in his response. I asked him why Egwene would want to change an iron chain into cuendillar (making sure that I pronounced it correctly CWAINDEEYAR :) I thought he would send me packing if I made a pronounciation mistake). I understood that the chain prevented enemy boats from entering Tar Valon, but I wasn't sure why she would want to make it indestructible.

He responded that iron doesn't TURN into cuendillar, iron is the base of cuendillar. He said that the links of the chain fuse together and become a solid piece. Thus making the chain impossible to raise, lower, or remove. This prevents boats from entering AND leaving Tar Valon. It then became obvious that this was a way for Egwene to succesfully siege the island without using the One Power on anyone (as Lord Gareth wanted). I don't know why I didn't realize this on my own, but thought others might want the additional insight.

I then spoke to Harriet (who was more than willing to speak with me). I just wanted to thank them for adding Tonronto to the list (as we Canadians often get left out).

Great job on the site ! Réal Heppelle

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