Towers of Midnight Book Tour, Barnes and Noble, New York, NY 8 November 2010Edit

Report by joe heron

NY signing.

So I asked a question which may be an oldie during the signing (meaning it wasnt recorded).

So my Q was: What happens to the souls of darkfriends who did good for the Light sides?

My A from Brandon was: RAFO, (not satisfied I press harder, saying this will be revealed in further reading[skeptical]) and he said there were a lot of things Jim (RJ) wanted fans to keep guessing and wouldn't answer, and this was one of those things about the cosmology that he wanted.

Then I asked Maria (yes I was sneaky): and her A made her sound kind of unsure how to answer it. But then she finally said "well He is called the Lord of the Grave, so ..."

So seems like Ingtar and Verin really paid a huge price to help the Light-siders. again, not sure if this was asked but I thought it interesting....and who knows, they may change it since its not finished yet.

URL for report:

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