Towers of Midnight Book Tour, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Cincinnati, OH 3 November 2010Edit

Report by Maji

Couple of notes from last night:

Only real questions specific to the book were about the WOT Encyclopedia which Harriet said will be released 12 months after AMoL.

Confirmed Asmosdean's killer will be revealed in this book (but we knew that already). Someone asked if he would let them know what page and Brandon laughed and said he's not making it that easy.

One question I wrote down when somenoe asked was:

"Will we see Demandred in the book?"
Brandon: *Big Smile* "What do you mean? You saw Demandred all the time! He's shows up all the time!"

Revised Question: "Will we find who Demandred's alter-ego is?"
Brandon: "I'm gonna have to RAFO that one."

I have some pictures but I'm at work and will have to do that later.

URL for report:

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