Vancouver Post-ACOS Signing--24 August, 1996; report by Lara Beaton.

Rob Watson, Greebs and I went to the Jordan signing yesterday. After badgering him with tons of questions, we got the following information:

Randland size: Randland is approximately 4500 miles across. Seanchan is as big as Randland, the Aiel Waste, and Shara all put together (a single empire the size of North and South America).

How Verin could determine the Ogier had no mind inside a stedding: We're going to find out something in the next few books about people without souls and characteristcs of them. (he started out saying that we're going to find out something significant about Verin, then stopped).

Ogier: Were not genetically engineered. (blew Greebs' looney Longing-taint theory away).

Slayer: Can't channel. (blew my looney Moridin theory away). He has certain "gifts" granted to him by the DO, but can't channel either the OP or the TP. Cross Slayer off the list of possible Moridin candidates. (damn, there goes my section of the FAQ :-(

Everyone in SL killed each other. (blows away the MS is the souls of the people of SL theory).

Mashadar occurred after everyone in SL was dead.

Machin Shin eats the souls _and_ memories of the people it catches.

He wouldn't answer the question about the nine-horse hitch. (said he'd have to marry me if he told me. I'm kinda disappointed we didn't get a RAFO.) We figure it's his version of "figs and mice".

Ishy/Moridin/SH - RAFO.

Ageless look and OR - RAFO. (I thought Greebs was going to explode when he didn't answer that one directly.)

Bela is the Nae'blis.

The next book isn't going to come out until 1998 because RJ is "a sadistic SOB" (his words, not mine).

Greebs and I came up with a few more questions to ask at the signing in Victoria on sunday, so he'll be posting some more findings soon.

Stuff I found out after the signing -

Greebs likes girly drinks.

I can't play pool to save my life.

Lara Beaton

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