Washington, DC CoT signing 23 January 2003 - report by John Nowacki

report from rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan

Regarding this afternoon's signing at Olsson's in D.C.:

Not much to report. He started off with the usual intro about pronunciations, picture taking, the last scene, and so on. Repeated that Olver isn't Gaidal Cain and what's already been mentioned here about someone figuring out who killed Asmodean using material from "up through Winter's Heart . . . I think." Also the bit about enjoying watching some of us try to figure it out.

I asked a couple of questions, one of them from Zeynep's list.

How much time elapsed between the last chapter of COT and the epilogue? He thought for a second before giving an RAFO and adding it was not that much, certainly not months.

Without the TP to contrast it with, did people in the AOL refer to the One Power and True Source, or simply the Power and the Source? The names would have been the same, he said, since "One Power" was meant to signify that saidin and saidar are two halves of the same thing and not different things entirely.

Some kid asked him something about material on the Internet, and he mentioned Wotmania,,, and something else. If he said anything about rasfwrj, I didn't hear it.

Someone asked for a little more description about the sa'sara -- as in how does he envision one doing it -- which he thought was hilarious. He said she was the first person who'd asked him about it and apart from saying it would be like something a non-tourist might see in Cairo or Istanbul, he said it wouldn't be "boring" like a stripper act in the U.S. He seemed to really get a kick out of this question.

Someone else said something about his health and got a lengthy recitation of Jordan's blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and so on.

I didn't stay for the whole thing but caught most of it. I may be at tonight's signing in Bailey's Crossroads (someone who's out of town asked me to take her books in and I didn't have time get them all signed this afternoon), and if so, I'll post something about it later this evening.
John Nowacki

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