Waterford, CT CoT signing 17 January 2003 - report by Jonathan Gan

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I was about tenth in line, I arrived VERY early, and passed the time playing the RPG. During this time, the manager of the Waldenbooks came out and told us that CoT had just become #1 on the best sellers list, to which we all applauded. Being so close to the front of the line, I did hear what was said about the next book (which I believe he says about every book :) 'I can promise you, on my mothers grave, that the next book will definately, absolutely, without a doubt, be released as soon as I finish writing it.' To which, as was stated, met with much laughter. I did get to hear a few more questions asked, before I was shooed out of the store by a clerk (2 by me):

Myself: 'Can a Gateway be opened horizontally?'

RJ: (paused for 3 or 4 seconds in thought) 'I don't see why not'

Myself: 'I know I will most likely get a RAFO, but will we ever learn more about Shara?'

RJ: 'Yep, most definately RAFO'

I thanked him, got my picture taken, and listened to a few more questions:

Question: 'What happens when Balefire hits Balefire?'

RJ: (with a chuckle) 'You don't want to know!'

Question: 'What happens if you Balefire yourself?'

RJ: 'That would be a bit tricky, kind of like performing Eye Surgery upon yourself'

That's all I got before I was shooed. Hope this helps!!

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