West Chester, PA CoT signing 22 January 2003 - report by Brandon

report from rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan

Straight to the point. All of the plot lines will NOT be wrapped up at the end of the series. I attended the book signing at Chester County Book and Music Company today and someone a few people ahead of me asked a question that I couldn't hear, but RJ's answer went something like this:

No. The one thing I don't like about most fantasy is that everything gets tied up in the end. The people, the cities, everything finishes and it dries up. The book gets put on the shelf and collects dust. I want the world to be vibrant and still going. Some minor plots will go on and things in the world will stay alive.

This is in NO WAY a direct quote. I have never been to a book signing and was somewhat struck and nervous about meeting him, plus I had no writing or recording equipment. The overall vibe I got was that he really does care about the world he has created and won't leave out anything major.

Also if anyone cares I asked him to describe the texture and feel of Bashere's baton of the Marshal-General. I was hoping he would say it "felt not like ivory, not like glass, but more like glass," as is the description of the known oath rods (note the only times we've seen it have been in Rand POV's and at first it was "what appeared to be an ivory rod" then later Rand assumes it is an ivory rod); however, I was greatly disappointed. He said, "it was smooth and heavy...ivory capped with gold." Oh well I guess Rand's later assumptions that is just ivory are correct.


Major thanks to CC Book and Music Co. they were way helpful and super nice, and if anyone talks to RJ thank him for signing my books. I can't remember if I told him so after getting them signed (still nervous at that point). It was a great experience with courteous people and even after reading about the jokes he tells before going to the signing I still laughed. His personality was so Jovial and warm even my wife had a great time and she has never read any of his books.

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