West Chester, PA KoD signing, 17 October 2005 - report by Mad CaoEdit

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West Chester, PA -- book signing 10/17/05
Mad Cao - 10/18/2005 8:31:47 AM

About 40 people attended the Q&A and book signing at Chester County Books & Music in West Chester, PA. R.J. spoke for about 10 minutes and then answered some general questions from the audience for another 20 minutes. There was only one plot specific question during the open Q&A. Predictably, that question was about Asmodean's condition. Everyone had a good laugh, and RJ responded, "Asmodean is dead, dead, dead." All other questions were about RJ's writing process, his daily schedule, what he likes to read, etc.

The next hour was for the book signing. Again, 90% of the questions were about RJ's interests away from the book; his hobbies, suggestions for how to start a career in writing, and things like that.

As far as I know, only 1 person other than myself asked a plot related question. That question was if it would be possible to complete the cuendillar chain on the south(?) harbor. RJ answered that the joining chain link (which would not yet be cuendillar) would have to be closed around the existing chain and then turned to hearstone, but the new link could not be touching the old at the start of the change.

I asked RJ to expand on Semi's actions in Seanchan. He answered, in general terms, that she had engineered the complete eradication of the royal line (nothing new here). I then asked if Semi was somehow immune to the effects of the Crystal Throne, and he said that she certainly was.

I have only been to one other WOT book signing, about 5 years ago, and I thought that RJ seemed much more at ease and more talkative about himself and Harriet at this event. Maybe it was because the audience wasn't hammering away with RAFO questions. We heard several funny anecdotes about Harriet and got several tidbits of advice about life and marriage.

RJ was willing to sign anything he had written or to which he had contributed - even the illustrated guide. He signed old books brought from home as well as the new one from the store (for which they charged $31.50 -- what a ripoff!). By the end of the hour or so, all books had been signed (including 2 complete sets for 2 different fans) and RJ left for his birthday dinner in Philadelphia.

Yes, we did sing Happy Birhday.

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