For the similarly named Sea Folk ship, see White Spray.

Rand up the mast of the Spray

The Spray is the river ship that belongs to Bayle Domon. It is eighty feet long and has two masts.


Matrim Cauthon, Rand al'Thor, and Thomdril Merrilin escape Trollocs by jumping onto the deck of the Spray. Domon takes them as far as Whitebridge. From there, it heads downriver to Illian.

The Spray is later commandeered by the Seanchan under the command of Egeanin Tamarath.[1] The Spray and her crew are taken to Falme, where Captain Domon and some of his belongings, including one of the seven Seals, are taken to the High Lord Turak Aladon.[2] Later, Min Farshaw secures passage aboard the Spray for herself and Egwene al'Vere. As the Battle of Falme ensues, Bayle Domon waits as long as he dares, eventually leaving without his passengers.[3]

Crew membersEdit

The following people served on the Spray.


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