EWoT: Stayer

Biographical information
Current Status Alive
Animal type Horse
Physical description
Gender Male
Color Bay, with white forefeet
Chronological and ownership information
First appeared LOC 54
Owner Perrin Aybara

Stayer is one of the horses owned by Perrin Aybara.


Stayer is a bay horse with white forefeet.


Stayer was appropriated, unnamed, by Perrin Aybara from the Sun Palace stables in Cairhien. When Perrin leaves the city to search for Rand al'Thor, he takes the horse and, after some small consideration, names him Stayer.[1] The horse travels with Perrin into Ghealdan.[2] Stayer carries Perrin to a meeting with Masema Dagar in Abila,[3] and later into So Habor.[4] Stayer also carries Perrin into Almizar so that he and his Seanchan allies might acquire raken, forkroot and a'dam to help rescue Faile Bashere from the Shaido Aiel.[5]


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