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Stedding Tsofu is an Ogier stedding in Cairhien. It lies a day and a half's ride southeast of Cairhien.


When the Ogier began work on Al'cair'rahienallen, they planted a grove there because nearby, Stedding Tsofu had not yet been rediscovered since the Breaking. Stedding Tsofu was rediscovered only about six hundred years before the present day while Elders were still growing Waygates.

Recent eventsEdit

During the quest to regain the stolen Horn of Valere, Verin Mathwin suggests that the group try using the Waygate at Stedding Tsofu, since the one located in Cairhien was found blocked by Machin Shin. Rand, Mat, Perrin, Verin, and the Shienarans arrive at Stedding Tsofu and meet with the elders, but they find the Waygate there also blocked by Machin Shin.

Elder Haman and Covril later visit Stedding Tsofu looking for Loial, but Elder Alar tells them that he is with Rand.

Later still, Rand visits Stedding Tsofu once again to ask the Elders to let him place guards at the Waygate, but Rand's appeal is rejected, with Alar refusing to listen to a human.

Known Ogier residentsEdit

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