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The Steward of the Dragon is a title given to those people granted rule over a nation by Rand al'Thor when there are not available rightful rulers.

Notable stewardsEdit

Stewards were assigned in both Tear and Cairhien, Dobraine Taborwin being Steward of the Dragon in Cairhien[1]. The Steward in Tear[2], Darlin Sisnera, has since been raised to be the first King of Tear[3].

Berelain sur Paendrag Paeron and Rhuarc can also be considered as Stewards, having briefly ruled Cairhien together before Dobraine was assigned.

After Dobraine was sent by Rand to Arad Doman the two Aes Sedai Sashalle Anderly and Samitsu Tamagowa took the stewardship of Cairhien till the arrive of Elayne as new queen[4].

In Illian, after Rand was chosen as King, he left Gregorin den Lushenos as his Steward during his frequent periods of absence[1].

Elayne Trakand, Queen of Andor, appointed Perrin Aybara as High Lord and Steward of the Dragon in the Two Rivers[5] to justify Perrin's de facto lordship over that region in front of the Andoran nobility. Perrin in turn appointed Tam al'Thor as Lord and Steward during his absence.


Stewards might best be compared to the governors that controlled Imperial Territories in the Roman Empire.


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