Sul'dam and Damane

A sul'dam and her damane.

Sul'dam (Old Tongue: Leash Holder) are Seanchan women who can control damane, women who can channel the One Power and are viewed as too dangerous to roam free in society. Sul'dam control damane through the use of an a'dam, a special ter'angreal that looks like a silver leash and bracelet. Using the a'dam, the sul'dam can sense the thoughts and feelings of the damane and also inflict pain or pleasure. When damane try to escape their a'dam, they undergo severe headaches that vanish when they stop thinking of escaping.

Damane and Sul'dam

A sul'dam and damane.

In reality, sul'dam are women who could learn to channel but are not born with the spark like damane are. Only recently has this fact come to light,[1] and threatens to tear apart the fabric of Seanchan society, as sul'dam are honored at the same time damane are reviled. An a'dam will control a sul'dam if used against her, even if she does not know how to use the One Power. Some sul'dam believe in mutilation (such as the removal of toungues, hands, or feet) to make a damane behave, but this is often viewed as sei'mosiev.

The very idea of persons who channel terrify most, and the Seanchan

Wot sul dam and damane by reddera-d4vmnrc

Sul'dam with her damae by Ariel Burgess, Official Wheel of Time Artist

believe all who can channel should be chained as chattel and treated as animals—dangerous animals in need of strict training. In fact, der'sul'dam and sul'dam are considered to be exotic animal holders of the highest rank.[2] Some sul'dam see themselves as indulgent by praising their damane, awarding sweets and pats on the head for good behavior as one does a pet cat or dog.

The uniform of a sul'dam is an ankle length dark blue dress with panels of red and silver forks of lightning bolts.[3] They also wear soft boots.[4]

List of known sul'damEdit

Renna Emain

Sul'dam Renna Emain with Egwene as a damane


A very high ranking sul'dam, usually ranking in the Low or High Blood, gains the prefix der', literally meaning "master." They usually own more than one damane. They also train other sul'dam.[5]


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