EWoT: Sulmara

Biographical information
Nationality Masenasharin
Current status Dead
Physical description
Gender Female
Chronological and political information
First mentioned RPG
Title Queen of Masenashar
Rank Queen

Sulmara was a Queen of Masenashar, one of the nations of the Free Years, circa FY 450.

History Edit

In FY 450, history records that she was removed from her home kingdom by the Aes Sedai and taken to Tar Valon, where she spent many years mucking out the White Tower stables as a lesson in humility.

It is not known why this was done, although there are many theories. Some suggest that Sulmara was an Aes Sedai (maybe the last to rule openly as Queen and Aes Sedai before Elayne Trakand some 1,700 years later) who had returned home to rule her kingdom without the Amyrlin Seat's leave, although this is not considered likely. It is also suggested that Sulmara was simply a Queen who had ignored her Aes Sedai advisor's suggestions one time too many, compelling the sisters to make an example to show that even a Queen was not beyond the White Tower's power.

It is confirmed in 'The Wheel of Time Companion' that Sulmara was a renegade Aes Sedai; but instead than FY 450 her article in 'The Wheel of Time Companion' refers 450 AB which is clearly a mistake because Masenashar was not existing during that historical period.

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