EWoT: Tal Nethin

Tal Nethin
Biographical information
Nationality Cairhienin
Current status Dead
Physical description
Gender Male
Chronological and political information
First appeared TFOH 20
Last appeared TFOH 30
Occupation Saddlemaker

Tal Nethin was a saddlemaker from Taien, a small town in the eastern end of the Jangai Pass, in Cairhien.


He was gray-haired with a deeply creased face, and gaunt cheeks from hunger.


After Couladin and the Shaido Aiel stopped to decimate the town of Taien on their way from Alcair Dal to Cairhien, Tal Nethin approached Rand al'Thor and his group on their way into Taien. He was accompanied by his sister Aril and her husband Ander Corl; all were refugees from the events in Taien. Rand chose to take the survivors of the town with him, of whom there were estimated to be one hundred. [1]

Some time later, near Eianrod, Tal tripped on a stone, breaking his neck and falling dead. Rand thought this to be an effect of his being ta'veren. [2]


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  2. The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 30

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