EWoT: Tebreille din Gelyn South Wind

Tebreille din Gelyn South Wind
Biographical information
Nationality Atha'an Miere
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Eye color Big, dark
Chronological and political information
First appeared TPOD 5
Last appeared KOD 22
Affiliation Atha'an Miere
Rank Windfinder

Tebreille din Gelyn South Wind is the Atha'an Miere Windfinder to Mareil.


She has big dark eyes with a straight nose and a strong chin. She is sterner looking than her sister.[1]. She is haughty and has four earrings in each ear[2].

Strength and Abilities

Tebreille's level of strength is 17(5) by "The Wheel of Time Companion", matching quite influential Aes Sedai as Seaine, Teslyn, Verin, Alanna or Merana.

This strength is enough to open suitable gateway for Travel.


Her sister is Caire din Gelyn Running Wave, for whom she has an intense dislike, and her niece is Talaan din Gelyn.


She is part of the thirteen women who link together and channel into the Bowl of the Winds to change the weather at the Kin's farm[1].

She is one of the Windfinders being tutored by Aes Sedai in Caemlyn[2].

She accompanies Mareil to a meeting of the First Twelve in Illian with Rand al'Thor's ambassador Logain Ablar. She is concerned with the whereabouts of her niece, Talaan din Gelyn, when she disappears from Caemlyn. Near the end of the meeting Cemeille din Selaan Long Eyes interrupts with the news of the Amayar committing mass suicide[3].


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