EWoT: Tedosian

Biographical information
Nationality Tairen
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Male
Build Thick
Chronological and political information
First mentioned TSR 4
First appeared TSR 8
Last appeared TGS 42
Title Lord
Rank High Lord

Tedosian is a High Lord of Tear. Lady Alteima is his wife.

Appearance Edit

He is described as having a thick body.

Activities Edit

High Lord Tedosian is first mentioned when Thom forges a note from High Lord Carleon to Lady Alteima with the intention that the note be found by High Lord Tedosian.[1] His first appearance is at a meeting with Rand along with other High Lords.[2]

He kills Carleon in a "hunting accident". Later his wife poisons him and now is the only one who will feed him and look after him, keeping him in his sickbed. His wife is sent with the Army of Tear to Cairhien, and while she is away, he is to recover in the High Lady Estanda's apartments.

Later in open rebillion and treason he goes to hide out in Haddon Mirk. He is convinced to do this by Sebban Balwer's agents, who in turn is working for Pedron Niall.

He moves his forces to Tear, where he lays siege to the Stone of Tear. He agrees to dissolve the siege if Darlin Sisnera is made king of Tear. As punishment he has to pay the city a year for food, but is allowed to retain all his lands and titles.

He greets Rand with King Darlin when Rand withdraws his forces from Arad Doman back into Tear.


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