EWoT: Tenobia si Bashere Kazadi

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Tenobia si Bashere Kazadi
Biographical information
Nationality Saldaean
Current status Dead
Physical description
Gender Female
Height Tall
Eye color Purple, tilted
Chronological and political information
First mentioned TSR 17
First appeared TPOD Prologue
Last appeared AMOL 29
Last mentioned AMOL 37
Title Queen of Saldaea, Shield of the North and Sword of the Blightborder, High Seat of House Kazadi, Lady of Shahayni, Asnelle, Kunwar, and Ganai
Rank Queen
For others with the same surname as her mother, see Bashere.

Her Illumined Majesty, Tenobia si Bashere Kazadi, Shield of the North and Sword of the Blightborder, High Seat of House Kazadi, Lady of Shahayni, Asnelle, Kunwar and Ganai was Queen of Saldaea.

She was niece to Davram Bashere and thus cousin to Faile.

Appearance Edit

Tenobia was tall and pretty with the typical Saldaean bold nose, a wide mouth and tilted purple eyes.

Activities Edit

She met with the other Borderland rulers, Ethenielle Cosaru Noramaga, Paitar Nachiman and Easar Togita, and made a blood pact with them before setting out and leaving the Borderlands to look for Rand al'Thor.

The army travels to Braem Wood in Andor where it camps down for the winter. She and the rest of the rulers meet with Elayne Trakand. They agree with her to carry on moving south towards Murandy in exchange for Elayne not raising a hostile hand against them as they travel. She seems intent on finding her uncle again.

When Rand finally agrees to meet with the Borderlanders outside of Far Madding, Tenobia and the other rulers of the Borderlands arrive there. One by one the rulers smack Rand in the face as part of an ancient Arafellin prophecy, however preceding the kingdom of Arafel. Tenobia used her left hand to hit Rand.

When talking about his past actions, Rand demands the monarchs swear loyalty to him. A matter Tenobia had great difficulty with, as she found her loyalty should lie with the people of her nation. She and the others are left to discuss the offer of Rand marching to Shayol Ghul to break the remaining Seals on the Dark One's prison.

After the grand conference upon the Field of Merrilor, Tenobia and the other Borderlander rulers join the Last Battle in Shienar, where Agelmar Jagad, as a Great Captain, is the head of the command structure. On orders from the Dark One, Hessalam manipulates the dreams and thoughts of Lord Jagad, causing him to make decisions that benefit the Dark instead of the Light. Tenobia's elite guard is surrounded by Trollocs, and Tenobia is killed, effectively making her cousin Faile Queen of Saldaea, following her father, Bashere's death.