EWoT: Tesien Jorhald

Aes Sedai flag ajah-red
Tesien Jorhald
Biographical information
Nationality Unknown nationality
Date of birth 692 NE
Date of death c. 983 NE
Current status Dead
Physical description
Gender Female
Chronological and political information
First mentioned ACOS 32
Last mentioned ACOS 32
Affiliation White Tower
Title Highest
Rank Aes Sedai
Ajah Red Ajah

Tesien Jorhald was an Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah and suspected to be also of the Black Ajah.

History Edit

Her name indicates that probably she was from Tarabon. Tesien was born in 692 NE and went to the Tower in 705 NE. After five years as novice and four as Accepted she was raised to the shawl in the year 714 NE. Her level of strength was 15(3).

She was the Highest of the Red Ajah during the reigns of Parenia Demalle and Sereille Bagand. [1]

Activities Edit

In traditional Red Ajah custom, she forced Pevara Tazanovni to give up being friends with Seaine Herimon once Pevara was raised to the shawl.[1]

Speculation Edit

In TWoTC it is stated that the Highest before Galina Casban was also of the Black Ajah and that she was killed by Ishamael for her involvement in "The Vileness" because she was part of the Black Ajah Supreme Council. It is not know if Tesien is this Highest or the former one, but the dating of her lifespan indicates that most probably she is the same person.


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