The Crown of Roses was an inn in Caemlyn, the capital city of Andor.


It was located in the New City of Caemlyn, described as the finest inn there, a favourite place for nobles to stay. It was a three-story building of finely dressed white stone, and the common room boasted dark polished panels with tall fireplaces faced in white marble.[1]

It had a separate wine room so that no barrels of ale or wine clutter the common room. There was a clock on one mantlepiece, signifying it was a wealthy establishment. Its private sitting room upstairs had a good view of the street.

The innkeeper was Mistress Cinchonine. The stablemen all wear vests worked with roses and the serving women all wear blue dresses and white aprons embroidered with a ring of roses.


The Crown of Roses was the inn in which the embassy of the Rebel Aes Sedai and their Warders, leaded by Merana, stayed when arrived in the city to find Rand al'Thor. Min Farshaw, who accompanied them, also stayed there.[2]

Bera Harkin and Kiruna Nachiman later joined the group after travelling halfway to Cairhien when they heard Rand was in Caemlyn.[3]


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