"A bloody Tinker?"
   —Uno Nomesta

External summary

<<<   Waiting    >>>
Setting: Mountains of Mist
Point of view: Perrin

Perrin on his horse Stepper, along with Uno Nomesta, Masema Dagar, Ragan and two other unnamed Shienaran soldiers, are waiting for a woman coming to see Moiraine Sedai. Perrin finds himself using his wolf-enhanced senses and tries to stop using them. He almost tries to contact the wolves to find out more about what is in the mountains around them but refuses to. The Shienarans are deferring to Perrin and he isn't sure why they should since he sees himself as just a blacksmith apprentice. Perrin spots her first in the distance coming from the west. Masema spots a raven, which Perrin kills with an arrow.

The woman comes into view of the waiting party, and everyone see she's one of the Tuatha'an. They ride out to meet her, where Perrin starts subtly questioning her to see if she's the one they are waiting for. The woman, called Leya, gives the name Moiraine, confirming she is the one. When asked how she found this non-descript place, she replies, "I... knew that if I came this way, someone would find me and take me to her. I... just... knew."

The men start guiding Leya to the camp of the Dragon Reborn. Perrin begins to make idle conversation with her, which quickly becomes slightly heated on the subject of the Way of the Leaf. Perrin ends the conversation, and they ride through the wilderness in silence, until they reach the camp.