"Now you must truly be on your guard. Now the real danger begins."
   — Verin Mathwin to Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve
For the chapter with the same title in Crossroads of Twilight, see Crossroads of Twilight/Chapter 17.

External summary

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Setting: Tar Valon, Caralain Grass

Point of view: Egwene al'Vere

Egwene hopes she can see Tar Valon from where she is.  All she can see is Dragonmount.  She expects that Anaiya will continue giving her lessons on dreaming.  Her dreams now are of Rand running toward something and also away from something. It is spring now and they have been traveling since winter.  Nynaeve approaches and wants Egwene to stop staring ahead. Egwene reflects that all six in the party have secrets.  She worries about Rand and Perrin.  Nynaeve knows Egwene has been having dreams again.  Nynaeve says a storm is coming but it is not the weather.  Verin and Elayne are with them also.  Mat, on the litter, has been unconscious for three days, held on one side by Hurin.  Hurin says he senses trouble ahead because of the tracks of horsemen he has seen.  Nynaeve says they will be in trouble when they get back to the Tower, even though they bring Mat for Healing.  Mat has the Ruby-hilted dagger now but he is close to dying.  The Horn of Valere is in a sack at Mat's feet.

Children of the Light led by Dain Bornhald approach them.  Verin says she should do all the talking.  Bornhald recognizes two of them as Aes Sedai.  Verin says Whitecloaks have no authority here, and cannot stop them.  Bornhald wants to take them for Questioning.  He calls Verin a witch.  Elayne jumps in and says he will have Morgase to deal with. He responds that Morgase no longer supports the White Tower and he will take her back, since she ran off from the White Tower.  Egwene begins to panic over being collared again and fills herself with the Power, erupting the ground in front of the Whitecloaks.  Nynaeve starts to channel and does the same and so does Elayne. The Whitecloaks ride away except for Bornhald who is defiant. Egwene mentions Falme and Bornhald accuses them of killing his father since he believes it was Aes Sedai, not Seanchan that fought at Falme.  Egwene finally lets go of saidar, and listens to Verin.  Verin tells them Aes Sedai don’t use the Power as a weapon!  Verin says she could have talked them out of bullying them.