"I always expect trouble, and so should you. In the Tower most of all. You must all of you be more careful than ever, now. Your ... tricks frightened away the Whitcloaks, but inside the Tower they may well bring you death or stilling."
   —Verin Mathwin
For the city by the same name, see Tar Valon.

External summary

<<<   Tar Valon    >>>
Setting: Darein, Tar Valon

Point of view: Egwene al'Vere

There is a line of carts to cross the bridge from Darein to the bridge to Tar Valon. Verin talks with the guard at the bridge into Tar Valon. There are many rumors of what has happened in the west.  Egwene feels like she is going home then reflects on what Emond's Field means to her now.  She feels she has outgrown Emond’s field and she will only return to visit.  Egwene notices they are not being noticed, even carrying Mat along on a litter.  Verin says they have to be more careful than ever when they reach the tower grounds.  Verin tells Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve that they are not to talk at all once they arrive and the girls all agree. 

Hurin says he must leave them to inform his king and lord what happened at Falme.  Verin leads them through the gate, and to the Tower stable yard.  Sheriam meets them, and Verin says to get Mat somewhere away from others since he is very ill and could harm others.  Verin says the girls should be taken to their own rooms.  Verin says she needs to see the Amyrlin immediately. Sheriam lectures the girls on being run-aways when they have so much potential. If they speak they are to be taken to the kitchen to scrub pots. Theodrin is more sympathetic and takes Nynaeve while Faolain escorts Egwene and another accepted escorts Elayne.





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