"And lest you start thinking it's some sort of reward, remember that the first few weeks as one of the Accepted are used to pick the rotting fish out of the basket of good ones. Your worst day as a novice will seem a fond dream compared to the least of your studies over the next weeks."
   — Siuan Sanche

External summary

<<<   Punishments    >>>
Setting: White Tower

Point of view: Egwene al'Vere

Egwene lays on her bed, worrying over what will happen to her.  She talks to Elayne through the hole in her wall.  Egwene thought they might be heroes for discovering the Black Ajah, and that Liandrin is one of them.  They also returned with the Horn of Valere.  If they try to still us, they both decide they will fight or run away.  Their doors slam open, accepted come to take them to the Amyrlin.

Egwene and Elyane meet up with Nynaeve who is also on her way to see the Amyrlin. During the meeting with the Amyrlin they try to blame Liandrin for them leaving.  The Amyrlin says not to speak her name here.  Liandrin and twelve others stole several ter'angreal from the Tower.  They also killed twenty-one people including three Aes Sedai to hide their thievery and escape.  Even though they were tricked into leaving without permission, they are to be sent to Sheriam, and they are to work in the kitchens until further notice as punishment.  The punishments are to be announced publicly, which is also part of the punishment.  Egwene and Elayne are to be raised to Accepted because their abilities have greatly increased.  Elayne’s mother wants her to come home, and tried to take her brothers, as well.  Siuan says she has no intention of letting Elayne be taken from the tower.  Siuan has Leane take Elayne take to the kitchens so she can talk to Egwene and Nynaeve in private.    






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