"Remember that body, Egwene. Remember that he tried to kill you. Kill us. Remember the Black Ajah. Remember them all the time. Because if you forget, just once, the next time, it may be you lying dead."
   — Nynaeve al'Meara

External summary

<<<   The Gray Man    >>>
Setting: White Tower

Point of view: Egwene al'Vere

As they leave the Amyrlin's study they discuss the Black Ajah and how they will try to accomplish their task to find the Black Ajah. Nynaeve points out they are still in danger whether the Black Ajah suspects them or not. They don't understand why, but the Black Ajah has already tried to eliminate them and probably will try again. They check Elayne's room, but she is not there. Going back to their rooms Egwene pauses to ask Nynaeve a question and a crossbow flies past, right where they would have been.  Nynaeve became angry enough to channel and used air to hold the person who shot it.  By the time they reach him, the man was already dead, a dagger in his chest.[1]  Egwene notices there is no crossbow, so someone else must be around.  Sheriam comes up the stairs and sees them, and kneels beside the corpse.  Sheriam says he is one of the Soulless, a Gray Man.  They give up their souls to serve the Dark One, Sheriam explains; one has not dared to enter Tar Valon since the trolloc wars.  She says they are not to speak of this, and sends them on their way.  Sheriam does not seem curious as to who might have stabbed the Gray Man.

Sheriam suggests they leave the novice area for Nynaeve's room while Sheriam promises to straighten out the mess. Before they leave, Egwene remembers the crossbow bolt and hurries back to retrieve it, but it is gone. While Egwene is gone, Nynaeve questions Sheriam some more and gets into more trouble.






  1. Isam killed the Gray Man and retrieves the bolts (Winter's Heart, Chapter 22).