"You know what you want, Mat, and I know it every bit as well as you. You must choose who you will trust to gain it for you. I admit I will use you. These Aes Sedai will never do that. I will lead you to wealth and glory. They will keep you tied to a leash until you die."
   — Selene

External summary

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Setting: White Tower

Point of view: Matrim Cauthon

Selene visits Mat in his room.  He swears he's seen her before, but he can't place it ... and it's gone.[1]  No remembrance at all.  She tells him that he could be great and that the Aes Sedai will try to use him. Much of what she tells Mat is cryptic and he doesn't understand her meaning. Selene begins to use the power on Mat, but stops and departs hastily.

Mat decides to inventory his resources for departing as soon as possible. He finds his clothes and dice cup, but not very many coins. Siuan and Leane come in and tell him the guards have his description and are not to allow him to leave the island. Selene told Mat his da came to see him. Siuan hesitated but finally admitted that his da did come to Tar Valon but that was a while ago and she doesn't mention that Tam came also. Siuan asks him about the Horn of Valere and Mat finally admits he remembers blowing the horn. She tells him he is now linked to the Horn and the only one that can summon the Heroes, at least as long as he lives. He feels the need to get away from the Amyrlin, Aes Sedai in general, Selene, and avoid Darkfriends. He just needs to come up with a way to do all of that.

Unanswered Questions

  • Where has Mat seen Selene before?





Items Referenced


  1. probably Tel'aran'rhiod