"If you spend much time around Nynaeve, you'll need bow, quarterstaff, and sword to protect yourself. And I don't know whether that would be enough."
   — Galad to Gawyn and Mat

External summary

<<<   Scouting and Discoveries    >>>
Setting: White Tower

Point of view: Matrim Cauthon

Mat wakes and immediately begins thinking about how to leave Tar Valon. He is still gaunt but is beginning to look better already. After eating a tray of food, Mat leaves the tower to begin scouting. He chats with guards on the tower grounds and finds out there are Whitecloaks on both sides of the river. He also finds out that he is not allowed outside the city, the sisters gave his description to the guards.  He encounters Else Grinwell,[1] and asks if she remembers him.  She says he is not supposed to be out, and seems harsher than he remembered. 

He continues on to the training grounds, watching warders and students practice.  He finds pebbles and sits down to watch them, juggling the pebbles.  He realizes he is watching Gawyn and Galad and remembers the stories Elayne told of them on the trip from Falme.  He makes a wager to spar both of them at the same time. They feel it would be unfair to Mat, but Hammar says he will cover the bet if they won't. Mat fights both of them and wins even though he is ready to collapse from hunger by the end. Hammar recounts the story of Jearom, the greatest swordsman ever whose only loss was to a farmer with a quarterstaff. The Aes Sedai and Accepted are all gathered around Galad, concerned that he might be hurt. Mat keeps the quarterstaff and has to use it to get himself back to his room.



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  1. Actually this is Lanfear

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