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"I have never been able to like Elaida, but I cannot truly believe she is Black Ajah. And Sheriam? It's impossible."
   — Elayne to Egwene and Nynaeve

External summary

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Setting: White Tower

Point of view: Egwene al'Vere

Elayne is reading the notes they received from Verin while Nynaeve paces the room. Egwene had a restless night sleeping with many dreams and nightmares. She is trying to sort out if some of the dreams have meaning.

  • Seanchan collaring a long line of women who wore Great Serpent Rings
  • Whitecloaks binding her fathers hands
  • Rand reaching for a crystal sword while a net descends on him
  • Rand kneeling while many little dragons settle on to his skin
  • Rand walking in to a hole in a mountain
  • Perrin with a female falcon on his shoulder
  • Perrin with a female hawk trying to leash him
  • Perrin with a beard leading a huge pack of wolves
  • Mat placing his left eye on a balance scale
  • Mat hanging by his neck from a tree limb
  • Mat and Seanchan
  • Mat speaking the old tongue

Nynaeve is frustrated that there is nothing useful in Verin's notes.  Elayne says they have no pattern in their birthdays, names, Ajahs or nationalities.  This means there is a pattern in no pattern and that there must be more Black Ajah still in the tower.  They also have the list of the stolen ter’angreal. Many have to do with dreaming, others have no known meaning and one is able to channel balefire.

They continue to wonder if the Aes Sedai they are in contact with might be Black Ajah. Nynaeve wants to use the Twisted stone ring that night, but Egwene takes the ring and says that she is the dreamer and will be the one to use it. Else Grinwell[1] comes to their room with a message from the Amyrlin that the belongings of Liandrin and her companions are in a storeroom.  Egwene followed her, and meets a woman in silver and white. After speaking with her, Egwene starts back to her room, then turns and the woman is gone. She searches the nearby rooms but Else and the woman are nowhere to be found.





Items ReferencedEdit


  1. Lanfear in disguise

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