"I know this trap for a trap. Mother. And the best way to catch whoever set a trap is to spring it and wait for him - or her - to come."
   — Nynaeve al'Meara

External summary

<<<   A Trap to Spring    >>>
Setting: White Tower

Point of view: Nynaeve al'Meara

Nynaeve hates working in the kitchens, and thinks Laras the head of the kitchens is horrible. Elayne and Egwene are also there doing various chores.  The Amyrlin enters the kitchens, and begins an inspection. She stares at people as though they are not working hard enough.  The Amyrlin accuses Elayne of saying words she shouldn't to get her out of the kitchens. Egwene jumps to Elayne's defense and gets caught up by the ploy. The Amyrlin wanted to speak with Egwene and Nynaeve but ends up with Nynaeve only.

The Amyrlin talks with Nynaeve and says she was going to have them brought to her study, but another Grey Man was found. This one was dead in Sheriam's bed. Nynaeve gives information about what they found in the storeroom. Siuan says did not send a message about the storeroom, and Else was sent home ten days ago. This clearly makes the storeroom information they found a trap but they will have to proceed anyway. Nynaeve does not tell her of Egwene's trip to tel'aran'rhiod or Verin's ring. Nynaeve is chilled by the thought that someone could impersonate someone else. Siuan says she will say they have been sent to a farm as an alibi for being out of the tower and will leave them gold in their rooms. Nynaeve admits that Elayne will be leaving also. Siuan could not ask Elayne directly since she wouldn't be able to lie to Elayne's mother about what she knows. Nynaeve asks about Callandor, and the Amyrlin says it is a sa’angreal and only two others are more powerful. When Elayne and Egwene return, Nynaeve tells them they will be leaving after cleaning up.





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