"It isn't the dice. It's the luck."
   — Mat Cauthon

External summary

<<<   The First Ship    >>>
Setting: Tar Valon, River Erinin

Point of view: Matrim Cauthon

Mat and Thom arrive on the wharf just as a ship, the Gray Gull, is unfastening its mooring lines. Mat told Thom he intended to catch the first ship, and that is the ship. A dockmaster attempts to stop Mat due to Aes Sedai orders, but Mat has the letter from the Amyrlin given to him by Elayne. The ship is underway so they have to jump to land on the ship's deck. The ship's captain, Huan Mallia, calls on two of his crew to toss them back into the harbor. Mat uses gold and the letter to secure passage to Aringill. The captain says they can have his cabin and meals for five gold each believing no one would pay that and then is astounded when Mat calmly starts counting gold coins into his hand.

As they get their things into the cabin, they listen to the captain, who is trying to pump them for information. Mat tells Thom about winning the gold at dice using others dice, the letter from the Amyrlin, the letter from Elayne to Morgase, and Thom doesn't believe a word of it. Thom goes to sleep but Mat lies awake pondering the events of the last couple of days. He hears feet outside the cabin door and fights two men that come into the cabin, killing them with the quarterstaff. Mat goes up onto the deck and tells the man at the tiller "he’s dead", then cracks him in the head. Thom throws a knife to kill a man that Mat didn't see. Two more men are left in a boat tied to the stern and swim away. The captain comes on deck, furious. Thom says he saved the captain’s ship from river brigands so perhaps he should reconsider their price for passage.

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

He was playing "Rose of the Morning on his flute. This was song he played at a wedding, there were so many weddings, he thinks. He wonders about the dreams he has. In them people he knows come and try to kill him, including his father and mother and Min. Are the dreams real?  He wonders why he feels more concern for Min and Elayne than he does for Egwene or Nynaeve. Selene told him in the dreams that he must take Callandor.