"We search. We look for He Who Comes With The Dawn."
   — Gaul answering Perrin on why the Aiel have come out of the Waste
For the chapter with the same title in Lord of Chaos, see Lord of Chaos/Chapter 5.

External summary

<<<   A Different Dance    >>>
Setting: Remen

Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Perrin wonders if the girl that was looking at him knows what yellow eyes mean. Gainor Furlan shows Perrin, Loial, Moiraine, and Lan to their rooms. On the way he says someone is proclaiming the Dragon in Ghealdan. From what he says, Lan and Perrin deduce that it is Masema. The inn even has an Ogier bed for Loial to use and it is made of sung wood. Perrin goes to see Moiraine, asking if Rand stirred things up in Remen, too. He knocks once and then enters. He is embarrassed to find her undressed, having just stepped out of the bath. She covers up with a robe and then answers his questions. Lan said Rand had been in Remen, but they are not sure whether he crossed the river or took a boat to Illian.

Perrin decides to go outside and feels like someone is watching him. Perrin decides to lower the cage holding the Aiel and let him out. The Aiel, Gaul, tells Perrin they look for "He who comes with the dawn". Perrin says he is on his way to Tear. Gaul says that when the Stone of Tear falls, the Aiel will leave the three-fold land. A dozen or so Children of the Light see that the Aiel is out, and Gaul runs at them. Perrin joins the "dance," and together they kill or disable all of them. As he returns to the inn, he sees the girl again that had been staring at him. He meets up with Lan who wants to know if the dead Whitecloaks are Perrin’s work and if anyone saw him. Lan tells Perrin to get the Ogier and the horses and to meet at the docks.